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Updated August 2014

Fitting a Temperature Gauge

temp gauge

    Many these days change the bug engine for the later 850 lump. Although this is not an hard task a few jobs need to be done including changing the back plate and if using the old gearbox the flywheel. One item that tends to get left is the Temperature Gauge-The calibration is different on the 850 engine to the earlier engine. As the Warminster Bug was running hot last year I decided to fit an electronic one but didn't like the idea of drilling holes in the body or mounting it in an area that was to conspicuous.  I have solved the problem by mounting it using a plastic plate covered in period vinyl. The mounting plate if cut to the right dimensions can then be pop riveted onto the control box. The wiring can then be taken from the area. One wire goes to the sender, One to earth (I used the one on the control unit). One to the Fuse box. This needs to be the ignition fuse so is only on when the ignition is on. I fitted an in line fuse box to. The units have light so a wire can be run up from the main wire on the dip switch to the unit and the other to the same earth. As yet I have not tested it so will keep you informed.

The Restoration of the Warminster Bug.

Over the winter the fluid from the brake cylinder leaked out all over my newly sprayed foot well and basically buggered it up. I have had to strip out the brake and clutch mounting and completely re do the area. The new paint has blended in ok  and both the cylinders have been cleaned out. If you leave your cylinders for a length of time I suspect the hygroscopic properties of brake fluid encourage a rust build up where the front seal is located. Rust will then get drawn into the cylinder barrel and get under the seal causing a leak.
I have also repainted each cylinder and used clear lacquer to give the whole assembly a better look.

Loxwood Rally 2014


The Loxwood event is a fairly small rally but its probably the friendliest and cheapest in a season. It takes place on alternate years in the village hall and play field.
This year along with the normal Bond mini cars, BMW Isettas, Messerschmitt Etc there was a nice Gogomobile plus 10 Bugs.
The great thing about these events is we manage to see some historic and beautiful parts of the country.

This time it was to Hollycombe Steam Collection in Liphook Hants. A steam fair including a Big wheel, Gallopers and chair rides is on permanent display. Also on site is a Steam locomotive that winds thought the estate and manages as if by magic to arrive back at the station. Among the grounds are sheds and a steam farm. Alas a lot of it looks like it could do with a few more volunteers. A shed contains about 7 or 8 non working stationary engines.traction These in my opinion would not take a great deal to restore.

We had a large convoy and Hollycombe gave a generous discount for the group.

 I would recommend this place if your in the area .

Sundays rally was a lazy affair with Loxwood Hall providing the car parking for a mixed collection of Microcar.
Thanks to Les and Sue Gore plus the team who put the event on. Great Job as usual.


bug logo

Bug Club Membership

I have redesigned the Bug Club Membership form linked to Rorys and my own site. It initially printed out as 3 pages, But with a bit of jiggery pockery it should now be printing out as one. I have been liaising with Ron Biggin Re the Bug Club Membership, As more folks now use PayPal we have made this an option for everybody as opposed to those living outside the UK.
 If you fancy joining or rejoining the club and would like to use PayPal could you add 1.00 This covers the PayPal charges .
Those new to the club would be best to print out the membership form or copy and paste it into a word document.

Join the Bug Club


   Bug Spares Scheme

If you need a Bug part Please feel free to give Dave a ring on 01424 446078
Proceeds are ploughed back into the scheme to enable the production of some of the rarer Bug Parts.
If you have a need for a part to be re manufactured please feel free to ask.
 E mail .

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