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Updated November 2014

The Re Restoration of FGU

fgu sad

FGU !  A bit of an icon in the world of Bugging but alas its a sad case that's been languishing  in the front garden for two years.

13 weeks unforeseen garden leave meant I could crack on with  both the restoration of the Warminster Bug and make a start on the re restoration of FGU. The plan is to remove the interior side screens and trim and redo the lot over the winter. So a couple of weeks ago I made a start. About an hour later FGU had no seats ,No headrests, No side screens and No speedometer trim. The whole car was covered in grime so I then jet washed it. So far I have recovered the seat bolsters including making up a new wooden section for the area between the two seats. This has now been recovered with brand new vinyl. The passenger seat has been restored with some new foam on the underside so should hopefully give another 20 years service. The side screens are going to be done next. The frames have all been repainted but the recovering involves sewing the vinyl over the frame and inserting the clear window plastic. Its not a job I am looking forward to as its a bit tricky but I have done the job before so hopefully it should look ok. Pictures will be posted of the finished result.fgu

The Warminster Bug

Its Finished!

  Well ok its nearly finished. Over the last few months the boot has been lined with carpet. I know thats not a standard finish but it makes it look better. There was a leak on the front brake and I couldn't see where it was coming from so I removed the front Brake drum only to find I had not rebuilt it and it was completely buggered. One of the wheel cylinders was leaking, the shoes were worn out and it had years of grime inside. Its now resplendent with new shoes and 2 brand new cylinders.
The indicators didn't work properly but that was the flasher relay. The Front lights and horn was also not working although they were some years ago. The problem turned out to be an earth wire that had overheated. This overheating was due to not having an earth strap from the starter area to the body thus the starter was trying to earth through a small wire that earthed the front electrics. All is now ok. Another problem was one of the headlights. A test bulb confirmed current was getting to the bulb holder but as soon as you put a bulb in it  failed to light. It wasn't the bulb and I was scratching my head trying to work it out. Tony my neighbor worked it out. It was a dirty connection in the wiring harness- Current was getting through but not enough for a head light bulb.

The Battery has now been fitted complete with a wooden flap and the long bolts to hold it in place. I was reluctant to start the Bug it as I felt somethings gonna be wrong. I was right. It wouldn't start. After doing some investigation I found no fuel was getting through. This turned out to be  one of the valves in the petrol pump. After removing the top of the pump I got the valve working but it still didn't seem to want to pump petrol. I over came this by bleeding the pipe with petrol and all was fine.
   Time to see if it would start. After one turn of it fired into life and sounds really good. But with any restorations your going to get problems. I was pleased to see my new Temp Gauge was working fine but the same  Cant be said for the charging. The red glow of the charge light refused to go out even when another Regulator was fitted. The Warminster Bug is fitted with a Dynamo so I removed this to test it. The conventional way to test a dynamo is to run the car and use a multimeter to.However there is another way. If you connect the Field Core and the other large brown cable together and connect to a battery with the body of the dynamo earthed to the Neg side of the battery it should spin like a motor. This method also flashes the magnets inside- These tend to loose magnetism if left standing for years. Initially It wouldn't work but on the 2nd attempt it worked (my guess was the magnets needed flashing). A new set of brushes was obtained on E Bay and fitted. The commutator was cleaned up in my dads lathe and all reassembled. As yet I haven't got it back on the bug but I know it works OK now.



Just arrived are next years Bond Bug Calenders. These desk top Calenders feature a variety of Bugs including Bugs over in the USA and one of the historic Vic Hydes Bug undergoing restoration.
As in previous years they are board backed stand 4 Inches High by 9 inches long.

May make an ideal stocking filler for the Bond Bug Enthusiast - These are not available from anywhere else.
  If you would like one or maybe more Please feel free to make a Paypal payment to Please let me know your address on the payment alternatively you may wish to send a cheque or cash.
Please contact at the above e mail address for more details if you would like this option. Proceds to the FGU restoration fund :-)
I will be adding some on E Bay but due to e bay fees its cheaper on here.

Each Calender is 6.00

Post free in UK

Post and Packing
Europe 2.00 
Rest of the World 3.00

Multiple orders can be sent at the one calendar rate.



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Bug Club Membership

I have redesigned the Bug Club Membership form linked to Rorys and my own site. It initially printed out as 3 pages, But with a bit of jiggery pockery it should now be printing out as one. I have been liaising with Ron Biggin Re the Bug Club Membership, As more folks now use PayPal we have made this an option for everybody as opposed to those living outside the UK.
 If you fancy joining or rejoining the club and would like to use PayPal could you add 1.00 This covers the PayPal charges .
Those new to the club would be best to print out the membership form or copy and paste it into a word document.

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   Bug Spares Scheme

If you need a Bug part Please feel free to give Dave a ring on 01424 446078
Proceeds are ploughed back into the scheme to enable the production of some of the rarer Bug Parts.
If you have a need for a part to be re manufactured please feel free to ask.
 E mail .

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