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The New Forest Rally
May 2014

sammy millers

Over the years we have had various rallys all over great Britain Including the Isle of Man, Scotland and the Lake district.
 This was the 2nd visit to the New forest and once again was organized by Dave Dawn and Azzy from the Bug Spares Scheme.

Following an 8 Bug convoy (where we managed to stay together) we visited Sammy Millers Motorcycle Museum. This is always worth a trip with a large collection of vintage and collectible motorcycles plus memorabilia and Sammy millers vast collection of trophies.

One of the exhibits was this prototype shown on the right. It uses a hydraulic leg system when coming to rest. 

The museum also houses a number of 3 wheelers

Following this we headed out across the forest visiting various places of interest including the Canadian war memorial and a deer viewing spot.

We were lucky to be invited to Beuleigh the following day. They had issued club passes so entry was free. The Bug line up created a lot of interest during the day and the stand ended up winning the classic car weekly best club stand from around 40 others. A few of us took a trip on the monorail, this takes you through the museum and out over the park and gardens. The Bugs were parked under the tram way and the plan was to get some photos but this wasn't all together very successful so I wont post my efforts here.


There were only a very limited number of these out span oranges produced and I be leave most are still around one being in South Africa. They were based on a mini sub frame and used during the 1970s as promotional cars. Some ended up in a local garage were they languished for years. They have since been restored.


During 2013 James May of Top Gear Fame recorded a TV pro gramme in which he drove around the Isle of Man TT circuit on a bike made of Meccano. This was on show along with lots of the Top gear Cars. James May did some recording in a Bug during last year at the National Microcar rally. I think its due for an airing this year.


The above photo shows Rorys Pod. Its a small caravan complete with electrics he customized to his own design over the winter.

My thanks to Rory, Pat and Ron for ferrying me around this weekend.

Next Big Bug Rally is the Bug Clubs own rally I have included the details below. We welcome all whether your a member or not.. A great place to gather information if your restoring a bug.

Please visit the forum for plenty of Bug related news.


19- 22nd JUNE


The Knockerdown Inn
Near Carsington Water, Ashbourne, Derbys

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Bug Club Membership

I have redesigned the Bug Club Membership form linked to Rorys and my own site. It initially printed out as 3 pages, But with a bit of jiggery pockery it should now be printing out as one. I have been liaising with Ron Biggin Re the Bug Club Membership, As more folks now use PayPal we have made this an option for everybody as opposed to those living outside the UK. If you fancy joining or rejoining the club and would like to use PayPal could you add 1.00 This covers the PayPal charges . Those new to the club would be best to print out the membership form or copy and paste it into a word document.

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   Bug Spares Scheme

If you need a Bug part Please feel free to give Dave a ring on 01424 446078
Proceeds are ploughed back into the scheme to enable the production of some of the rarer Bug Parts.
If you have a need for a part to be re manufactured please feel free to ask.
 E mail .

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