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Updated April 1st 2014

Me mate had one of these. bloody daft thing.looked like a slice of cake on a roller skate.thing used to turn over on its roof going round a roundabout and the rain dripped on your ed when you lifted the roof thing mate bought it cos he thought it had an imp engin in it -turned out it was the ingine from a robin reliant. remember them robin reliant. dell boy had one from only fools and horses. what a plonker bit like the bloke who hosts this site.never met the guy but heard he was a few spanners short of a tool box- cor blimey he gets views on this site and hes got a forum. cant beleave folks look at a site for bond bugs- what next the austin allegro.

apperantly they got this club to -bet they sit around drinking real ales and talking about paint codes and playing cards- bloody plonkers.

going back to me mate-he was trying to adjust the fan belt with the ingine running-should have took his tie off though as it got caught in the blades and pulled him into the engine compartment. if that wernt bad enough the roof came down and crushed his legs. poor bugger .

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I have redesigned the Bug Club Membership form linked to Rorys and my own site. It initially printed out as 3 pages, But with a bit of jiggery pockery it should now be printing out as one. I have been liaising with Ron Biggin Re the Bug Club Membership, As more folks now use PayPal we have made this an option for everybody as opposed to those living outside the UK. If you fancy joining or rejoining the club and would like to use PayPal could you add 1.00 This covers the PayPal charges . Those new to the club would be best to print out the membership form or copy and paste it into a word document.

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If you need a Bug part Please feel free to give Dave a ring on 01424 446078
Proceeds are ploughed back into the scheme to enable the production of some of the rarer Bug Parts.
If you have a need for a part to be re manufactured please feel free to ask.
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